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Support DHR and Our Mission

Even the smallest donation of money, feed, hay, and supplies can make a difference in the success of a rescue horse. If you are unable to contribute items, we can always use your time. Volunteers are needed for facility and ground maintenance, grooming, training, or to assist with business relations such as program development and organization, newsletter design, fund-raising, and promotional products. If interested in joining our team, please complete the Volunteer Application found by clicking the Volunteer link below.

Anything you use in your barn, we need in ours. DHR uses a variety of foods depending on the needs of the horse. Please do not discard hay or sealed bags of feed as chances are we can work it in to our program. Our needs change as we grow, so please keep us in mind when cleaning out or replacing. Please contact us if you have questions about a potential donation.

Below is a list that includes some of our regular needs:


Together, we can build brighter futures. . . one stride at a time!